Necklaces & Chokers

Please email if interested in any piece. Thank you!

Black Stone Pendant, black wooden beads 102cm


Orange Faux Amber beads – adjustable length 60-88cm


Yellow Faux Amber beads 51cm, Earrings 5cm drop


Coloured glass beads, pink faux leather thong – 40-48cm



Coloured glass beads, grey-silver leather thong – 52cm and 53cm


Black wooden beads, red silk cord – 32-42cm


Black wooden beads, red faux leather cord – adjustable length 47- 78 cm



Blue painted porcelain bead choker 40cm


Lapis Lazuli – choker


Antique Chinese nephrite jade & wood – necklace (sold)


Pearls & Moonstone – necklace & pendant (sold)


Natural Turquoise – choker (sold)


Vintage Glass Beads – necklace


Mixed Bead – choker (sold)


Love Birds stone – necklace


Chinese stone & leather – necklace


Vintage Venetian Glass – necklace



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