LaLaLouBelle begins!

At last. The PhD is done and dusted. No more evictions. No more sensory hell. No more executive function crashes.

We have arrived in Clement Space. A safe fermata that allows for another new beginning: a continuation of an old dream, a bygone place and time, carried into the here and now.

Since childhood, I’d always liked collecting objects that held special sensory and associative meaning. I loved shiny, colourful things, and the narratives behind them. Three decades ago, I began to collect beads from my travels around Europe, the UK, Thailand, India, China etc. After many years of carrying my collection around in nomadic mental and physical meandering, the time has come now to finally indulge in the sensorial wonder of re-interpreting these tiny treasures.

Each piece of handmade adornment is a unique item that speaks of history, contemplation and process, reverberating embodiments and sensory connections.

LaLaLouBelle Jewellery is inspired by my beautiful Greyhound muse, Lucy Like-a-Charm.